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How it all came together!

My name is Kamal Amer, Life Balance Coach, passionate about martial arts, father of 2 wonderful children, world traveller, divorced and a child of a great multicultural background with over 14 years experience in customer service/success.

From the earliest times of my work experience, I had realized a deep passion within me to help people, a need to actually create a happy feeling in clients.

The more I interacted with people, the more I realized there was something deep within me that was pushing me towards that path, and of course not knowing what to do with it at that age, I ignored the feeling and continued to grind for 14 years in the corporate world.

After my last job, I decided to go independently into the world of Life Coaching and get in touch with what truly drives me.

You don't have to go through it all alone, book your free consultation session today!

  • Certified Life Coach, iNLP Center

  • Certified NLP Trainer, iNLP Center

  • Certified  NLP Master Practitioner, iNLP Center

  • Certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist, iNLP Center

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