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What got me off the couch!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Many of us have had that thought in our mind, our inner voice talking and rambling

about complaints, dreams, mishaps or what my mother calls “the ants in our heads”!

I got separated (from my wife), was unable to see my kids daily as I was used to and

was made redundant from my job where I had finally found myself.

Right then, “The Ants” took control over my conscious mind, creating multiple scenarios of what if’s, pushing me further into a state of anguish and despair, and yet, after a few months,

those same “ants” had brought me a glimpse of a dream I had long forgotten.

A dream I didn’t have the guts, opportunity or the money to follow, and there seemed

to be a constant array of greater priorities taking precedent. Little did I understand

that self-development was the highest of them all.

So, with the last bit of my savings I invested in myself, to take the journey & follow my passion. I had found my calling and once again fell in love, with something far greater; the

love of education, learning and understanding people.

Eager to feed my soul with as much information and knowledge on the subject, to be part of this group of people who find joy in tending to others thrive to their success. As Socrates is quoted to have said “The easiest and noblest way is not to be crushing others, but to be improving yourselves”

Right then I realized, I wanted anyone that is going through or has experienced a

similar situation as mine, to get out of their shell and live the life they deeply desire.

I am not promising you success or money overnight. I am talking about the desire to

resolve your personal issues, to get rid of those troublesome ants to find the passion

within you that will drive you towards your goals.

So, let us together break ground and introduce you to your inner self, the true nature

of who you are meant to be, the resolution behind all your worries and troubles. Let

us together dig deep into your great mind by sharing those works written and

explored by many a great Man, let us work together and find that part of you that

finally wakes up happy, content and goes to bed without a worry or a mind filled with


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