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The Super-Mum effect!

Be the Mum you've always wanted to be today.

This 5-session coaching program helps you with (1hr/week):

Are you are overworked, anxious and unable to manage all your priorities at home? 

Do you snap at your kids, and/or partner way too quickly?
Do you just NEED a break?
Do you have overwhelming negative thoughts and unable to see a positive future?
Do you NOT know what to do anymore to find joy and laughter again?


How to create an environment of positive behaviors and growth, is key to success..

Ask yourself, are you truly developing personal skills for a better version of yourself?
  Do you want YOU time, but cannot find the time?
  Do you want to find yourself again, and break free from the mundane?
  Do you want to be stress free, and open to new ways of looking at problems?
  Do you need an immediate outlet when you are reaching burnt out?


How to get in touch with your hobbies and self-development skills for a better future

Do you  FINALLY want to create some understanding and involvement needed around your children? 

Are your children just too “needy” lately?
Are your children arguing and fighting more than usual?
Are your children suddenly being disrespectful, and defiant?
Are you fed up and just don’t get what is going on with them?

It is not only you that has needs, your children require understanding and a set of needs too.

Realizing what kind of a Single-Mum you want to be.
Do you wish to see yourself like you used to be?
Do you want to have more tolerance and patience for your children?
Do you wish to be more balanced and productive in your daily life?
Do you FINALLY want to feel free within yourself?  

 ​The re-birth of your persona in a future vision of who you aspire to become.

Eliciting the values and characteristics you want to live by and implementing them with your children.
Do you have your own values that are not aligned with your children?
Do you have an ideal version of yourself in mind that you are not ready for your children to see?
Are you afraid of what your children may think of you if you change?
Are you worried that all of your hard work will be for nothing?

When all is set and done, those values are most important, and can you follow them everyday.

I KNOW that you are meant to be a stunning SUPER MUM, and Woman.
I KNOW that you are already there.
Those vexing thoughts and attitude just keep you from seeing it. 
Mama, I want to work with you!             

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